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Sound Baths

Crystal Singing Bowl Sound Baths are a perfect match for people who desire to accelerate their own self-healing, personal transformation, mind-body development, and applied subtle bio-photonics.

As vibrational beings, we are literally a living symphony of energetic sounds. Many of us are aware that we may be missing certain instruments, notes, tones, or frequencies that are a part of our song. In order for us to create exceptional music with our lives, we need to be able to access all the notes in the spectrum of sound, and reintegrate any missing frequencies.

Our crystal singing bowl sound baths give your mind/body systems the opportunity to fill in your own symphonic sounds with full expression.

As you relax into these healing sounds, you will be lifted up into a higher dimension of bliss, balance, and energetic harmony.

The more often you immerse yourself into these crystal tones, the more you will activate the transformation you want, and have the ability to sustain it.

Kēmiyā Life International’s Sound Bath is your opportunity to engage with the healing and restorative frequencies of the Alchemy Singing Bowls, and other carefully curated instruments. Each bowl has been specifically chosen to optimize your healing experience. As you “relax into wellness”, we want to encourage you to enter info the flow of frequency, absorbing and entraining with the soothing waves of sonic energy.

During your session, if you experience discomfort in one position, feel free to move around or even to stand or stretch. Most people engage these Crystal Tones in a deep state of relaxation. You may pass through Alpha brainwave state into Theta or even Delta state, depending on how relaxed you are. If you fall asleep, that is perfectly acceptable, however everyone here is empowered to gently nudge his or her neighbor should they begin to snore. You will be pleasantly surprised at how compelling these healing frequencies are; and you’ll be able to filter out a lot of intrusive noise and maintain a deep state of relaxation and meditation throughout.

We are holding space for you to pursue the deepest levels of wholeness, focus, transformation, healing and deep relaxation.

Group Session (7 people) are $25/PP

The stated purpose of the Center is:

To  bring people from every background into perfect alignment of Body, Soul and Spirit so that they can be strengthened to achieve the purpose for which they were created."

Tree of Life Wellness Center

Address: 250 N Center St., Woodland Park, Colorado 80863. 

Phone: 1-719-374-6420

Notice: We do not provide any medical advice or services. These services are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. It should not be used for any purpose other than to relax, rest, renew and support a healthy lifestyle.  Please consult your own healthcare provider if you have any medical issues.